New Seismic Plugin

dGB Earth Sciences, the open-source seismic interpretation provider, has teamed up with Geoinfo SRL to bring the latest OpendTect plug-in for petrophysics interpretation.

The Computer Log Analysis Software (CLAS) plug-in will result in improved well-to-seismic ties, the enhanced calibration of seismic attributes to reservoir properties, more robust models and the more accurate interpretation of 3D seismic data.

"This is a major step forward for OpendTect enabling interpreters to combine seismic data with petrophysical data to provide an even more accurate characterisation of the prospective reservoir."
--Kristofer Tingdahl, CEO of dGB Earth Sciences

With CLAS, seismic interpreters can edit well logs and generate vital information on oil in place through data on the saturation, clay volume, porosity, lithology and fluid content of the reservoir.

CLAS will also allow net pay to be estimated from seismic attributes and will be able to use dGB's neural networks plug-in to generate accoustic logs. The result will be the building of accurate models and improved acoustic and elastic impedance inversion.