What's New in v4.6

New in the Open
Source Part

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As of September 10th. 2013 the official release of OpendTect v4.6 is available from the download page.

Highlights in OpendTect

An improved Installer with cross-platform offline installation support
Improved, faster 2D displays
Angle-based output added to Pre-stack attribute
Easier access to the rock-physics library
Well log tools now includes a frequency filter tool
Format/scaling options available while merging seismic cubes
Backus upscaling is used when generating any synthetic seismic dataset
Multi-import tools for well tracks, log, markers, and 3D horizons ("Bulk import")
New 2D pre-stack viewer, including mute and angle gather displays, and pre-processing
New Time/Depth model manager for wells
The Seismic Reference Datum is now a survey setting, it is no longer a well attribute
Time/Depth converted scenes can be made with a constant velocity or velocity gradient
Synthetic 1D/2D Probability Density Function (PDF) generator
Comments can be written on datasets that have a manager, from that data manager
2D log viewer can be used from various new places (well manager, rock physics, ...)
Utilities in the body manager: merge, region body, combine, switch, calculate volume
Layers can be manually edited or removed during layer modelling
Synthetic datasets (traces and horizons) can be saved and retrieved during layer modelling.

New in the Closed Source Part



First full release of SynthRock featuring a full suite of tools for synthetic seismic generation, raytracing, modelling
Model: build wedge models, cross-sections from wells, or Monte-Carlo style simulations
Create: pre-stack synthetic seismic data generation using state of the art raytracing, reflectivity calculations, cross-over handling, and frequency-domain convolution. Optionally includes generating internal multiples and PS conversions
Modify: all parameters can be modified on the fly to instantly analyze the response on the seismic data
Analyze: perform fluid replacements draw conclusions about your reservoir
Match: the synthetic data to your real-world data and invert to rock property probabilies without the need for acoustic, or elastic inversion.


New plugin from ARKeX with a powerful integrated potential fields modelling.


HorizonCube editor has 2D support along with algorithm improvements for 3D
New HorizonCube attributes: Polar dip, Event curvature and QC attribute
Introducing HorizonCube Data objects to store attribute data along HorizonCube events which can be displayed in 3D slider
Possibility to add more iterations to 2D HorizonCube
HorizonCube within bodies
An improved horizon-fault trimming tool with multiple gridding options.


Random line display in Wheeler scene
New depositional models (Channel stages and Stratal packages) added to the library
Optional AGT (Absolute Geological time) annotations available in Wheeler scene displays
Statistical curve display and RGT (Relative Geological Time) annotations added to the Systems Tract interpretation window.


New dip-steered gridding algorithm to grid sparsely interpreted horizons along seismic events.
World Correlation Panel

Well Correlation Panel

Various improvements in display.
Petrel Acces

Petrel Access

Direct access to and from Petrel is offered through the Petrel Connector and GeoDataSync.