Seismic Net Pay

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Seismic attributes

The ARK CLS Seismic Net Pay plugin is an improved method to estimate net pay from seismic attributes.


  • Seismic Net Pay provides a simple robust algorithm1 to estimate net pay from band limited impedance data (RAI) obtained from coloured inversion
  • Applicable for thin and not so thin reservoirs
  • At critical interaction points the geoscientist is guided by the software
  • Provides significant improvement over the reflectivity based techniques2
  • Has a proven track record of delivering results over many years
  • Allows geoscientist to analyse the different sources of uncertainty thus leading to improvements in the final result
  • Outputs uncertainty maps to constrain reservoir modelling which helps to ensure that models are consistent
  • Standard outputs in map form include: net pay, seismic net-to-gross (time), seismic net-to-gross (depth) plus QC
  • Uncertainty outputs in map form include: calibration uncertainty and total uncertainty.

More information

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  • Connolly2, P.A, October 2007, A simple, robust algorithm for seismic net pay estimation, The Leading Edge
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Seismic Net Pay output