Research & development platform

OpendTect is developed in an Agile way. If you don't know what this is, try following these links:



The programmer pages contain information for OpendTect programmers. Most OpendTect programmers will be making plugins, therefore the OpendTect Programmer's manual has an extensive section about plugin programming, including examples varying from 'Hello world' to adding your own attributes.

The OpendTect Programmer's manual contains a lot of info for the OpendTect programmer. It includes an overview, annotated plugin examples, and the make system manual.This on-line version also contains a complete class documentation generated by doxygen. If you also want this part of the documentation to be available from OpendTect, you can download the class documentation from the ftp site. On UNIX, install it using gunzip and tar, unpacking it in the directory containing OpendTect. On Windows, unpack it using winzip or similar, and make sure the 'Generated' directory gets into the 'doc\Programmer' directory, replacing the directory present there.

What do you need

Preconditions for OpendTect programming:

  • A gcc/g++ compiler (at least version 3.4, on Mac 4.0)
  • A working OpenGL installation
  • Reasonable C++ and OO skills.

Google Groups

OpendTect Developers Google Group is for sharing information amongst developers. As with the user list, anyone on the developer Google Groups can send e-mails to all other developers to address relevant issues. To subscribe please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Job opportunities

dGB is looking for OpendTect developers.