Projects & Sponsor Opportunities

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Projects & sponsor opportunities

To ensure OpendTect grows in a controlled, user-driven direction and to keep the system maintainable in the future, dGB adopted a development strategy around sponsored projects. For several projects sponsoring of sub-projects is possible, which enables sponsors to set priorities and match available funds with user priorities. Functionality that benefits multiple projects ends up in the open source part of the system (OpendTect) while application specific tools become plugins.

Multi- and Single client Sponsored Projects

In single-client sponsored projects dGB develops functionality in OpendTect, and/or in an OpendTect plugin according to the client's needs. We jointly agree upfront on the scope, deliverables, time-frame and costs. Typically these projects are offered at fixed-cost and they start at a mutually agreed time. Copyright of all software developed by dGB always resides with dGB, ensuring continued maintenance and also that future R&D paths are not blocked by previously sponsored projects.

The SSIS Consortium is our largest multi-client sponsored project. SSIS aims to extend and improve the Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System and its underlying HorizonCube technology.