Petrel* Plugin Administration

Installing the PIP file

The plugin can also be installed to Petrel* with the help of the PIP file in the usual way, where you have to use the Plugin manager tool from the menu: File-Options-Plugin manager. Press 'Install plugin' and select the downloaded PIP file. After installation restart Petrel* to activate the plugin.

In order to install the updated version of the plugin, please remove the old one from the Petrel* plugin manager, and then restart Petrel* and install the plugin as described above.

Choosing the preferred Communication Port (TCP/IP).

By default the plugin should use the TCP/IP port 57375; in case this port is not available / accessible it can be changed in two ways:

  • From plugin user interface, which is available under the “Seismic interpretation” tab in the Petrel* ribbons.
Petrel menu Petrel settings
  • By adding an environment variable DTECT_PETREL_PORT, and setting its value to the preferred port number which is available for access.

Petrel* documentation

For information about Petrel* please go to this page.

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger