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OpendTect software consists of an open source part and an (optional) closed source part. The open source (base) part originates with dGB Earth Sciences, who act as custodians of the system and take care of: new developments, testing, releasing and support. As with all open source software systems, anyone can contribute to bring this software to a higher level. The closed source part of OpendTect consists of commercial plugins. These are being developed by a growing number of oil-company as in-house products and by software vendors such as:

OpendTect started life as an open source seismic interpretation system back in 2003. It was in 2009, however, that the General Public License (GPL) was adopted and the system became truly open source. Since then the user base has grown exponentially. Downloaded over 140,000 times, OpendTect is today used by tens of thousands of of open source, academic and commercial users.

The open source model has proven itself a viable business model with benefits to all users and software vendors alike. Open source users can use commercial quality software to perform seismic interpretation services and can gain access to this software free-of-charge even for commercial work. Academic users get free access to the commercial plugins, which improves the level of education and R&D. Commercial users fuel the system with license fees, maintenance & support fees and by sponsoring new developments. In return they get access to advanced, often unique work flows enabling them to extract more geologic information from their seismic data at considerably lower costs than comparable commercial systems.

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