Various attributes and filters like Energy, Frequency, Similarity, Instantaneous, Band pass filters, Absorption quality factor, etc.
Spectral Decomposition with Fourier transforms and Continuous Wavelet transforms
Mathematical and logical expressions to create your own attributes and filters
Movie-style parameter testing (time gate or step out) to quickly find the optimal settings for your attributes.

For an overview of the OpendTect Attributes please take a look at the:

AttribMatrix grey
OpendTect Attributes Matrix


Attribute Set

Default and user-defined attribute-sets

Ridge Enhancement & Spectral Decomposition

Ridge Enhancement (faults) & Spectral Decomposition

Evaluation Attribute

Movie-style parameter testing (time gate of Similarity)

Ridging Attribute

Create your own attributes with mathematical expression

Attributes List

Convolve - Attribute that returns a filtered response
Delta Resample - Attribute that enables residual alignment of seismic volumes
Energy - Attribute that returns the energy of a trace segment
Event - Attribute that quantifies an event's shape or distance relative to a next event
Fingerprint - Attribute that computes the similarity between a user-defined vector of attributes and the equivalent vector taken at each position in a cube
Frequency - Attribute that returns frequency properties
Frequency Filter - Attribute that returns filtered data using FFT or Butterworth filter types
GapDecon - Attribute that aims to attenuate repetitions of primary reflections (multiples)
Horizon - Attribute that enables advanced calculations on horizons
Instantaneous - Attribute that returns an instantaneous attribute
Match Delta - Attribute that extracts time shifts between similar events in different seismic volumes
Mathematics - Attribute that returns the result of a user-defined mathematical expression
Position - Attribute that returns any attribute calculated at the location where another attribute has its minimum, maximum or median within a small volume
Prestack attribute - This attribute enables you to load, display, use and manage pre-stack data
Reference - Attribute that returns the definitions of the extraction position
Reference shift - Attribute that moves the extraction position in 3D space
Scaling - Attribute used for scaling of amplitude
SEG-Y checklist - SEG-Y loading checklist
Similarity - Attribute that returns trace-to-trace similarity properties
Spectral decomposition - Attribute that returns the amplitude spectrum (FFT) or waveletcoefficients (CWT)
Velocity Fan Filter - Attribute that returns energy with apparent velocities inside a specified Min/Max range
Volume statistics - Attribute that returns statistical properties.

Plugin - Attributes

Attributes with steering
Dip angle
Reference shift
SimilarityVolume Statistics
3D Model builder (Wells and Zones)
2D Error grid
Deterministic Inversion
Stochastic Inversion
Default attribute sets
Evaluate Attributes
dGB Evaluate Attributes
NN Chimney Cube
NN Fault Cube
NN FaultCube Advanced
NN Salt Cube
NN Slump Cube
Unsupervised Waveform Segmentation
Ridge-Enhancement Filter
Dip-Steered Median Filter
Dip-Steered Diffusion Filter
Fault Enhancement Filter
Fault Enhancement Attributes
Seismic Filters Median-Diffusion-Fault-Enhancement.