Licensing and Host IDs

OpendTect uses FlexNet to manage its licensing. There are two main types of license:

  • Node-locked: The license file is tied directly to a specific client machine (or selection of machines) through its ‘HostID’. This option is popular for laptops and for single-user desktop setups. Installation is very simple.
  • Floating License: The license file is generated for, and tied to a dedicated server via its ‘HostID’. The license manager on the server then issues licenses to client machines. This option is more suited for multiple users. Installation can be more involved.

In order to generate a license, we need the HostID of the machine or server, depending on license type:

  • If Server-based (floating) license
    • Server (Host) Name
    • Server (Host) ID
  • If node-locked license
    • Host ID

To discover the HostID:

  • OpendTect Pro (all platforms): Utilities > Installation > Licenses > Show HostID…

Note: Licenses > Show HostID… does not appear under the Utilities > Installation… options in the GPL version. You will have to install OpendTect Pro to access this utility.

For additional information (including alternate methods of accessing the HostID), please refer to the FlexNet Licensing End User Guide.