Tips & Tricks Google Earth Images

Tips & Tricks

Did you know that you can display Google Earth images in a 3D scene and in OpendTect Pro’s basemap? Here is how it’s done:

  1. Open the Survey Setup Window and press the “Set up geographical coordinates” icon geographical coordinates to define one anchor point that relates OpendTect’s X,Y rectangular co-ordinates to geographical co-ordinates. To get this anchor point you may need a co-ordinate transformation program such as PCTrans
  2. Press the Google icon Google to create a “survbounds.kml” file
  3. Start Google Earth and Open the survbounds.kml file
  4. Right click on “Mysurveyname survey area” entry in Google Earth’s tree and change the colors and the height
  5. Zoom in, orient the display to the North and view from above before capturing the image e.g. with Snipping Tool
  6. Crop the image in an image processing software (or PowerPoint) such that the survey boundaries just clip the edges of the image
  7. Load the image into OpendTect by right-clicking on the Scene entry in the tree. (In upcoming releases there will be a separate “Image” entry in the tree. An Image entry is already supported in OpedTect Pro’s basemap).
Google Earth images