Appendix D

FLEXlm Environment Variables

Environment variables are not required in order to use FLEXlm-licensed applications. Environment variables are normally used for debugging or for changing license default location.

D.1 How to Set Environment Variables

FLEXlm environment variables are set in two different ways:

D.1.1 Registry

On Windows, the FLEXlm registry location is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\FLEXlm License Manager

On UNIX, the equivalent information is stored in $HOME/.flexlmrc. In this file, the syntax is variable=value.

D.1.2 Precedence

If the variable is LM_LICENSE_FILE or VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE, then both the environment and the registry are used, with the environment used first, and the registry appended to the path.

If it’s a different variable, then if the environment set, only that is used, otherwise the registry is used. That is, the registry is only used if the environment is not set.

D.2 Environment Variables

Use (FLEXlm version introduced)
Windows only: prevents interactive pop-ups from appearing. Set to 1 if a batch application. (Version 7.0+ clients)
Used for debugging where applications don’t print FLEXlm error message text. Set to 1, 2, or 3, depending on the amount of diagnostic information desired. See Section C.2, “FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS.” (Version 5.0+ clients)
Windows only: Sets the timeout value a FLEXlm-licensed application uses when attempting to connect to a license server port in the range 27000-27009.
Values are in microseconds, within the range 0 through 2147483647. The default setting is 100000 microseconds.
Reset path to license file. Can be a license-file list, separated by “ : ” on UNIX and “ ; ” on Windows. If VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE used, VENDOR is the vendor daemon name used by this application. For example, Macrovision products use GSI_LICENSE_FILE. Can be a file name, or port@host. See also Section 2.1.1, “Setting the Path with an Environment Variable.” (VENDOR_LICENSE_FILE requires v6.0+ clients.)
Used for initiating license borrowing and setting the borrow period. See Section 8.4.1, “Initiating License Borrowing,” for more details.
LM_PROJECT’s value is logged in the report log file and later reported on by SAMreport. Limited to 30 characters. (v5.0+ client required.)
This can also be used to RESERVE, INCLUDE, etc. licenses with PROJECT. For example:
RESERVE 1 f1 PROJECT airplane
v5.0+ clients and v7.0+ vendor daemon are required for this feature.



FLEXlm End Users Guide
July 2003