[Developers] 3.1.6: interface changes

Bert Bril Bert.Bril at opendtect.org
Wed Dec 19 09:26:14 CET 2007

Hi all,

There have been a couple of interface changes since 3.1.4. I'd like to
pick out two:

1) The SeisRequester has disappeard. It was replaced by SeisMSCProvider.
The interface is not too different, but SeisMSCProvider allows you to
specify 'desired' and 'required' stepout.

2) The trace selection/sub-selection has changed. Things used to be
quite a mess in some places, and I've tried to do a clean-up. In non-UI,
the SeisTrcSel class has been split up in a base class Seis::SelData and
three subclasses: Seis::RangeSelData, Seis::TableSelData and
Seis::PolySelData. Specifying how to have users select data is now in
Seis::SelSetup. See seisselection.h and seisselectionimpl.h. In the UI,
selection and sub-selection have been clearly separated, and they accept
different parameters now. An extra option is to allow selecting polygons.

Apart from this, we have now set up a separate branch for the
development releases. That means we can fix bugs without the interface
changes that happen all the time in the work branch (the CVS 'trunk').
And that means a 'development release' will be valid for a longer time
than before. In fact, I doubt whether there will be a 3.1.7 (although
that may still be released).


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