[OpendTect_Developers] I want to ask a question about cbvs

Bert Bril bert at opendtect.org
Mon Mar 19 15:53:51 CET 2012

chaisheng wrote (personal e-mail):

> Hi, Thanks for your answer! Now I research the openinventor LDM(Large
> Data Management Mode) ,and would develop the similar software lib.So
> I found the opendtect CBVS and want to find some valueable thing in
> the CBVS.

You think way too low-level. CBVS is just the format underlying our
internal format. Any seismic object may be stored in one or more CBVS
files, or sometimes none. Newer version of OpendTect have the ability to
use SEG-Y files in-place. That completely bypasses CBVS files.

So the answer is: there is none. If all you want to do is manage data,
use LDM or any other advanced toolkit.

> Is openinventor LDM better than CBVS?

In many respects, yes. CBSV does have this nice bluntness of 'what you
store is what you get'. But if you want to manage data stores, don't
even consider using it.

> Or can you give me
> some advice? And in the opendtect site ,there is not much material
> about how to use CBVS.

That's because CBVS is just a detail. Don't focus on the format. Focus
on the interface.

> In the opendtect project ,I am hard to extract
> the code how to convert segy file to the cbvs file .

Why would you want to convert a SEG-Y file to CBVS? SEG-Y is, like any
external format, imported into OpendTect. Simply by using the
Survey-Import-Seismics-SEG-Y tool. It's madness to try to build your own

How to use it? A tutorial on how to import SEG-Y files in OpendTect is
our webinar:


The regular documentation can be found at:


> So can you give
> some document how to use cbvs?

You use CBVS by importing data into OpendTect. Or generating it. You
don't really want to be aware of the fact that underneath there are CBVS


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