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Nanne Hemstra nanne.hemstra at dgbes.com
Mon Mar 10 13:48:55 CET 2014

Hi Akshay,

Not sure what you mean with development and normal free version, but let me
explain the two options you have to build OpendTect plugins, and both are

1) In OpendTect v4.6 environment
Download OpendTect, together with the developers package using the
OpendTect Installation Manager (
http://www.opendtect.org/index.php/products/download). It has binaries for
OpendTect, Qt and Coin, so no need to build all those yourself.
The developers package also contains a tutorial plugin with documentation.

2) From scratch
Get the latest code from our SVN repository (
No binaries here, just source code and you need to build everything,
including third-party packages from scratch.

I would recommend to start with option 1). The set-up is pretty easy.
Install the mentioned packages, start OpendTect, go to the Utilities menu
and select 'Tools - Create Plugin Development Environment'. After this your
environment is ready and you can build the Hello and Tutorial plugins.
More information, also on the required build tools, can be found here:

Good luck.

Best regards,

On 6 March 2014 15:25, AKI <gulatiakshay at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a question regarding open d tect. I am planning to write some
> modules for noise attenuation and like to develop it in opendtect
> environment.
> Is development version is different than normal free version ?..
> Akshay
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